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Forming a great connection and love for the people she met there she realised that culture, travel and the arts were her passion. Natalia is the founder of iamsociable, which helps creatives in business as well as iamadventures. Staying true to her values and that of the company’s she encourages people to find their truth and fulfill their personal potential in order to then help others do the same.


“I've always known I've wanted to do something that I can call my own, I guess I just never knew what. I'd go from one idea to the next without pausing for air and clarity. Being a creative person I seem to come up with ideas easily, but find it difficult to follow them through.


After I left my corporate marketing job (I didn't last very long) I’d been travelling to art fairs and running events all over Europe and was the co-producer and PR manager for the British Section of the Kathmandu Arts Festival in Nepal, where I also ran master classes in arts marketing for the British Council. With this came a whole new outlook on life, an approach to do things that I actually cared about and wanted to do for myself. So, when the opportunity to reassess my situation did come along I was ready to take a risk and try something of my own. I’d been thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago for many years as a personal challenge, a place to let go and be free and allow space and time for new inspiration, so I planned for this whilst also setting up


iamsociable kicked off slowly but surely and grew with its clients. The main objective? To help creatives in business; help them find and create their dreams through creative marketing and guidance support. In 2013 whilst making the preparations for my trip to Spain to walk the Camino (120km in 4 days!), I realised that I should be combining my thirst for adventure, inspiration and social change with my guidance support and personal development and offer this combination of services to others. This is where iamadventures was born. With no back up plan and no extra money I did just that and in 2013 launched two start-ups in less than 9 months. Now, it has developed into taking artists, entrepreneurs and social innovators on creative adventures all over the world. Offering the chance to be inspired, explore, learn and be guided to reach their personal potential.”

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Natalia Komis, adventure maiden and founder of iamadventures



To measure success based on the positive impact I make and how much fun I’m having doing so. To feel fulfilled in what I do & be surrounded by inspiring, caring & supportive people. To empower myself & others through creativity for social change.


Natalia spent most of her childhood living in Greece, walking and painting amongst olive groves. She came to England to study and achieved a BA in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation Certificate in Arts Therapy. Longing for new cultures and with a thirst for adventure she travelled to India to help the tsunami victims and put her art therapy skills to good use. A few years later she discovered Nepal – where she co-produced the British section of the Kathmandu International Arts Festival, as well as deliver Arts Marketing workshops on behalf of the British Council.

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