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What are we doing?


We strive to always create something new on every adventure, but also to have a positive social impact on the planet.  With this in mind each adventure is different and so our project for each one unique. Our adventurers that come with us can contribute in one way or other to a social project. This could be a film produced about our trip and the communities we visit, or a book of photographs of the walks -  of which most of the profits go towards the community we colaborate with. Wherever we work with local communities we always make sure to give back and empower them.

How can you help?


We are setting up a fund that you can donate to that goes towards our projects' creation. This will allow us to give to the local communities that help us - particularly those working with and for women and girls . Your help is always valued and greatly appreciated.

You'll be helping us bring to life the innovative solutions the teams manifest on our adventures. The solutions that will not only allow everyone to help, collaborate and learn, but also help those in the countries we visit with any challenges they face in the modern world.

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past projects

On April 25th 2015 a devastating earthquake hit Nepal destroying many thousands of homes and lives.


People all around the world can now come together to 'Walk for Nepal'.


A minimum 25km walk, however you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want.


The main aim? Raise awareness and funds for Nepal for 1 of 3 organisations that we know and trust who are doing great work on the ground.

walking for nepal


focus on gender equality, social enterprise & innovation.  

We are dedicated to supporting social innovation in every country we visit, and we are even more excitied when it incorprates gender equalities, women leadership & empowerement & girls education. When we choose the causes to support & projects we work with we check that our values and missions are aligned and always try to work with those who strive for gender equality, quality education, innovation & sustainability.


Every large adventure that takes place will contribute towards offering small adventures or workshops to young girls to empower, build confidence and encourage them to follow their dreams and be curious and creative in this world.

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We, adventure maidens don't just come together on big adventures, but we also have regular meetups, events, breakfast mornings and day retreats.


We go on walking adventures big and small in the UK and abroad, using creativity as a tool to to empower you on a journey of self discovery, inspiration, entrepreneurship and innovation, equipping you with confidence and transferable tools and energy for the next leg of your awesome journey.


We work and collaborate with other awesome people supporting women and girls in some of the areas we visit and work with. Wherever we can we hold our events where others can benefit and where we can make a bigger impact.


We are a community of beautiful, creative and empowered women and girls.


We support each other when it's needed and share insights, skills and love. We openly discuss the good and bad about creativity, entrepreneurship, mental health, personal and professional challenges and most importantly, our adventures. We are Adventure Maidens! Join our meetup group today.

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