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"I am absolutely THRILLED that a company such as this exists. You have made my Monday!" Cameron, Founder of ARC & esc the city member.


"Your new company sounds wonderful, exciting and interesting and I wish you every success with it." Helen Cranston, Makhad Trust.


"I am a strong believer in the importance of bringing people together & helping them be encouraged, engaged & inspired in making the world a better place for everyone. Getting out in the world and seeing what is there, is sometimes all it takes for people to find their purpose in life. For these reasons I feel that iamadventures is truly a great project." Ken Banks, Author of Reluctant Innovators, Nat Geo Explorer, Founder of Kiwanja.

Adventurers Say...

personal development

creative practice

solve social challenges

find inspiration





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join adventure maidens across the globe

Share adventures, collaborate, walk creatively. 

Join our tribe of awesome women and girls being raw and honest about what being an #adventuremaiden really means.


iamadventures is a social business designed to empower women and girls through creative walking adventures across the globe. It is built around the belief that adventure and creativity can bring about positive social change at large.


iamadventures ignites your creativity, inspiration and human potential, providing the space, freedom and catalyst for you to come alive amongst like minded adventure maidens with a thirst for adventure.

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