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We work and collaborate with other awesome people supporting women and girls in some of the areas we visit and work with. Wherever we can we hold our events where others can benefit and where we can make a bigger impact.


If you'd like to collaborate on an event please get in touch with Natalia at


If you'd like first hand news & support join the Adventure Maidens Unite Community.

Our overall mission is to empower women and girls across the globe to use adventure and creativity to bring about positive social change. This can be done through adventures big and small.  


So aside from our international adventures we also occasionally run smaller adventures in the UK.


We go on walking adventures using creativity as a tool to to empower you on a journey of self discovery, inspiration, entrepreneurship and innovation, equipping you with confidence and transferable tools and energy for the next leg of your awesome journey.


Explore our events below and join us on a creative adventure.



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iamadventures conference


In 2017 we will be hosting an iamadventures conference style event. Celebrating some of the amazing and inspiring women and girls who are using their skills to make a positive change in the world. We want to talk, create and collaborate with all of you and to inspire the next generation to do the same and to do it even better! More news to follow.


If you'd like to talk or contribute at the event please contact Natalia at natalia(at)


If you would like to sponsor the event either through offering a space, with drinks, or other means please also contact Natalia.


To get first access to the conference join our adventure maidens unite community here >

creative activation walk: london

17 June | 11am - 1 pm | £20 each

Start: Tate Britain End: Tate Modern

This event has been cancelled.


Walking creatively through London, using our surroundings as inspiration and a means of activating our creative purpose. During the walk you'll experience a mini iamadventures trip. There will be creative playfulness, silent moments, throught provoking tasks, networking and walking to liven your body and awaken your soul. This event is part of the London Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

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