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Corporate Mission

In an ever changing world we are losing track of who we are, our past and what we believe in. We start to search, wandering lost amid the confusion. We forget that once we were all born creative, born to learn new things and adapt to our surroundings.


At iamadventures we help individuals delve deeper into their creative selves and grow their personal and human potential to bring about positive social change at large. We use creativity and walking as a tool to achieve this. We believe that this too should be done within businesses and at every level.


We think creativity is the most powerful competitive advantage a business can have. Especially now and especially in the future. The world is changing at a crazy pace and we are all trying hard to keep up. Companies must find new ways to sparkle and to exist. Ways to be more innovative, to make more of a social impact, to grow our collective human potential.


Join us in our mission to shake up the creative positive force in the corporate world.


iamadventures brings people together, to explore, learn and be inspired through guided activities and through each other.

We work with communities to help preserve their stories and ethos and allow it to evolve in a positive way into the future. We work with creative individuals, start-ups and corporates and help them in their vision to being successful.

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we walk, talk, collaborate



We believe in the power of adventure & creativity for positive social change.


In 2016 we decided to start supporting the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by focusing specifically on Gender Equality.


One of our biggest aims is to empower women and girls to be brave and curious to start walking creatively in this world. By doing so we can help to bring about positive social change at large.


As a corporate business or startup you can be part of this mission:


1. Support the Global Goals

2. Support women and girls

3. Encourage more (creative) women into the boardroom


"Goals that work for women and girls are goals that will work for the world."


Let's join forces and take this adventure together by taking your female corporates on team building activities to build confidence through the use of the outdoors, creativite tasks and problem solving and ultimately improving performance at work…


Enquire now to find out how.

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"We need more creative leaders – people who are equally business and creatively minded. When it comes to the right and left brain, they need to be able to use both.


Most importantly, we need creative people in the boardroom. Only when they begin to affect change in the boardroom will the world of business become more innovative – filled with bigger, bolder and exciting ideas."  The Guardian, 2016


As the old Apple ad said: “Here’s to the crazy ones!”


Lets go be crazy together!