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Natalia Komis : Creative Activator, Adventure Maiden & Social Startup Consultant


Natalia spent most of her childhood living in Greece, walking and painting amongst olive groves. She came to England to study and achieved a BA in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation Certificate in Arts Therapy.

Longing for new cultures and with a thirst for adventure she travelled to India to help the tsunami victims and put her art therapy skills to good use. A few years later she discovered Nepal – where she co-produced the British section of the Kathmandu International Arts Festival, as well as deliver Arts Marketing workshops on behalf of the British Council. Forming a great connection and love for the people she met there she realised that culture, travel and the arts were her passion.

Natalia is the founder of iamsociable, which helps creatives in business as well as iamadventures. Staying true to her values and that of the company’s she encourages people to find their truth and fulfill their personal potential in order to then help others do the same. She also consults and works with many other social and creative businesses aimed at empowering people to make positive chanegs in society, such as Impact Marathon Series.

On the Camino Adventure Natalia uses her mentoring expertise to help each individual reach their full personal and creative potential. She teaches parts of the Artist's Way course by Julian Cameron, which she has also done herself, to help others release their creativity and playfulness.



Ash Moon : Personal Trainer, Dancer, Raw Chef, Creative Adventurer.


Ash qualified as a personal trainer with Premier Global, and has since trained and coached people from all over the world, from dancers to fashion designers, actors to journalists. A strong focus of her work has been aimed at increasing confidence in and empowering women, running sessions based on improving personal strengths, both physically and mentally.

She was born in to an open minded and alternative upbringing, and spent a large part of her childhood traveling around Europe. This adventurous and creative streak has stayed with her into adult life, leading her to work in places such as Kathmandu with Nepal's first truly Nepali circus troupe, exploring South America, and running workshops with a travelling children's theatre company.  

When Ash is not coaching other people, she is continuing with her own dance and wellbeing studies, and trains in Brazil every summer at a Brazilian dance school.

On the Camino Adventure Ash incorporates elements of fun and creativity through movement and art. Exploring yoga, dance and creative exercises to empower and keep us aware of our body and mind as we walk the way.


"If you truly want something, no excuses! Let your light shine"

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